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What to wear in Dubai on holiday

The temperature being high throughout the year, it is preferred to wear summer clothes in Dubai, but still you should not wear dresses in a fashion that will hurt local Muslims. In hotel swimming pools and at the beaches, women can wear swimwear with their top on. For men, there is no problem with any dress, but they should not walk on streets without any shirt. You should have the sun cream and sun glasses with you as a protection against the burning sun.

Dubai holiday weather

Dubai is a very hot city over the year and its worst weather is in summer (June to September). During the summer, the average daytime temperature is above 40 degrees Celsius with high humidity. On the other-hand, the months between December and March are very pleasant having a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius during the daytime and the nights are much cooler. The rainfall in Dubai is very irregular and it rains mostly during the cooler months.

Dubai weather remains hot and humid with a high daily average of sun hours. Because of a complete blue sky with a little cloud, Dubai has been considered a stunning tourist and astronomer’s destination. Like other countries in this part of the world, The United Arab Emirates experiences a sub-tropical arid climate; it remains warm in winter, with hot and humid conditions in the summer months. Thus, with a slight variation, summer and winter are the two key months that dominate the climate Dubai.


Summer starts in July and lasts till September in Dubai. The season brings extreme warm and humidity for the city. During this season, the temperature of the city can climb at 48°C while the humidity levels fluctuate in 80-90%. Sandstorms regularly hit the city from let May to early July. Since Dubai is worst during summer months, it is not that suitable season for traveling. By taking long holidays abroad, some Dubai citizens even try to avoid the Dubai weather during summer.


Tourists experience the winter season in Dubai during the months of January to March. The weather of the city remains comfortable and moderate for the tourist during this preferable period of the year. The highest temperature may reach at 30 degree centigrade while the minimum temperature remains around 15 degrees. During this season, the city witnesses the sun for more than eight hours.

Rainy Season

Throughout November and December, Dubai experiences rainfall and the minimum temperature stand at 20 degree centigrade while the maximum average temperature stays at 30 degree centigrade. The average rainfall in the city is only 12 cm per year. Rains are occasional and appear for a hew minutes. January and February is the months when rainfall often come to wet the streets. However, in December to April the city seem suitable to every kind of tourists.